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Stop Procrastinating That Remodel... Let Me Tell You Why (And How!)

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I'm such a hypocrite as I write this telling you to stop procrastinating when I've been "planning" to write this blog for weeks now. Does that make me a hypocrite or am I just relatable? I mean, I do get it - life is crazy - and renovations are messy, but then again, so are tacos!

Now, I'm not a betting woman, but... okay, yeah I am and I would bet you have at least one space in your house that you've been saying, "I really want to remodel this."

If I won that bet, I would also bet you know what look you want, but just aren't sure how to put the design finishes together --making sure the tile and countertops aren't too busy, the accents aren't too trendy, and that it represents you are as a fabulous-yet-down-to-earth human being.

If I lost the second bet about you knowing what you want AND if you haven't taken the Style Quiz we made, CLICK HERE and learn your home style based on your personality, favorite animals and even what you eat. Yeah it's an interesting quiz, but I've been told and I quote "It's scary accurate!"

So to celebrate Arrange's 2-Year Anniversary this month, we are giving you a way to make the Finish Selection process easy, affordable and all online!

I have heard (and seen) countless horror stories of finishes gone wrong. Or sometimes what's worse, everything comes out just the way it was planned, but very bland and and very boring and very much like every other cookie-cutter-track-home there is nowadays.

So if you're dying for a full on remodel or even a quick powder bath refresh, and if you're a fan of efficient processes and unique-stylish outcomes, we've got you covered! *resisting a pun here* You're welcome.

How It Works

1. You'll simply place your order by filling out your project details during checkout.

2. If you haven't already, you'll take our style quiz.

3. Wait to receive your digital design plan!

We will offer two rounds of revisions if you're not crazy about something we didn't pick the first time and the option to keep designing will be available as well.

What You Get

Your Finish Selection handoff will include: a detailed, personalized concept statement, several curated design board visuals of labeled materials, and a digital shopping list to have it all shipped to your soon-to-be AMAZING PROJECT!

We'll design within your budget and make selections for you from bathroom hardware to dining chandeliers!

When We're Launching

I hardly ever leave people without suspense and I try to never leave you without a call to action & this one's simple.... Share this with your friends, family and fellow flippers!

Follow this link to see the COUNTDOWN TO OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING THIS SERVICE, and oh yes, first comers will be getting a serious discount. Not even playing. As always, let me know what you think!


List of Finishes Shown Above in case you want to see how affordable everything was for our first client - yes this was a real project & yes we are dying to show you the project once it has been installed and photographed:










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Ian Morse
Ian Morse
Sep 26, 2021

Great blog I eenjoyed reading

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