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Listed on Laurel: Highlighting South Pass Design + Build

Hey blog readers! I didn't blog in February... probably because I was planning and taking a vacation to The Caymans for a much needed reset from all this real estate buzz I've been busy-beeing over the last year. I'll get to the highlights of that heavenly trip later.

For now, I want to tell you a story about an architect and a doctor — who just so happen to be my real estate clients that build amazing homes from the ground up, that are just as solid as their hearts of gold!

Back in February of 2022, it started with a cold-call to an architect we found online, hoping to sell him our 3D renderings service (link below). Well, that phone conversation turned into a lunch in La Vernia, Texas, where we drank sweet iced tea and chuckled over the fact I was about 5 months pregnant at the time and headed to Hawaii in March! Gosh, I love to travel.

It was also at lunch that I learned the architect's business partner was a doctor and how they partnered to create an incredible dynamic to design and build homes. Well, one year later and several endeavors together... I'm listing their lovely spec houses in Woodbridge Farms.

What's a spec house? Short for speculative house, is a new house that a home builder constructs on the speculation that it will sell easily for a profit. - Rocket Mortgage

If you missed the info on that first spec house I sold for SPDB a couple months ago, it's probably because you're not on my email list, which you should join real quick HERE! And here... are the high level highlights of that home so you can follow along as I tell the success story! It's worth mentioning that I'm with Chip & Jo's Magnolia Realty and this home just so happened to be located at 162 W Magnolia Circle. Meant to be if you ask me!

Click the photo below to see more of the gallery, if you like:


Now that you've seen it, here's a quick look at the magic that happened for my seller clients:

I was able to use my tried and true designer virtual staging (linked below) to start marketing the home since it was already nearing construction completion.

The neighborhood had actually begun getting a little stale with "days on market" averaging around 90+.

BUT....... as I like to share with my real estate students in my $5M in 5 Months Course, there are 3 P's you've gotta get right in order to sell a home.


  1. P = Price (is it priced right based on comparable homes nearby?) Good Data Analysis

  2. P = Product (is the house itself needing updates?) Reno, Repairs, Etc.

  3. P = Presentation (is the marketing the best it can be?) Virtual Staging + Renderings

Alright... so what's the next best thing to the home sold on Magnolia Circle? Well, it's the one my biz partner Kali Measures and I just listed next door to it on Laurel Heights! See the details below and if you or someone you know would like to make this amazing home their own, click below to see the details and inquire for more info:

And now for the good part, THE BUILDER THAT IS SPDBTX can build the Magnolia or Laurel plan below for you (I can help you find the land) OR even a custom home to fit your lifestyle perfectly!


Send me a message and I'll set up a lunch meeting with all of us!

And here's a completely unnecessary but totally related fun fact! I plan to use Laurel as my future daughter's middle name (no I'm not pregnant yet). We've got family names like Lawrence, Laurie, and Lorraine. And, perhaps an even more amazing set of facts are: some version of Kyle's name is "to be crowned with Laurels" and my middle name Loren, means "Laurel." So, there again, meant to be!

I'm so grateful to have this little corner of the World Wide Web to share updates with people like you. Even more, I'm honored to have readers that enjoy my work. Keep following along as I build out this DREAM life as a Designer-Realtor-Educator-And-Mother!

Talk soon,


P.S. If you're a spec home builder, and want help with the marketing on those... click below or get in touch. We've put together what we call "The Spec Game: A Step By Step Business Plan for Builders" and it's totally YOUR MOVE!

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