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  • Get expert design advice and a strategy to elevate your listing.

    Free With Social S/O
  • An in-depth look at your listing to discuss what would help it sell!

    75 US dollars
  • Showcase potential for that space with a digital design renovation.

    150 US dollars
  • Want a face-to-face to talk business without the travel? Let's zoom!

  • Perfect if you want a team presentation or if you want to collaborate!

  • Have questions for me better answered over the phone? Let's talk!

  • Learn who we are, how it works and listen to the success stories.

  • Our top five design strategies to take your listing to the next level.

  • Let's talk furniture removal, customizing your photos & more.

  • Design time with Christa to get her expertise for your project!

    150 US dollars
  • A fun day of shopping with Christa to help make buying decisions!

    200 US dollars
  • Christa will get it all arranged with the finishing touches you love!

    225 US dollars
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