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Virtual Staging FAQ

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What if my photos have furniture in them?

Not to worry, we offer a virtual furniture removal service! Simply email us the photos and we will let you know the best way forward. 

How do you charge for virtual staging?

Instead of charging per area, room, or square footage we have made it easy for you! Arrange charges per photo. ( i.e. if one photo captures three spaces we will stage them all for one price!)

What size do my photos need to be?

The perfect size photos for virtual staging are between 1-10 MB. We highly recommend our clients use a professional photography  — this way more of the space is captured & therefore staged!

Do you need access to the house?

To save you time & money, Arrange does not need to visit the project! Simply give us the photos during checkout and we will take it from there!

Do you offer photography?

Arrange does not offer photography — allowing you to use your photographer of choice. Don't have a photographer? We are happy to connect you to one!

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