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Note from the Owner

Okay, so something you should know is this: all of the Arrange gals have hearts made of absolute gold. Seriously! Also, they are all extremely talented and care greatly about their work — another reason I hired them! Our community of girl bosses values both building one another up and constant personal growth! That in itself makes you want to be part of it, right? But in case you need some more convincing, rest assured that when you work with Arrange in any way, shape or form, you are not only supporting the American workforce, but also contributing to the lives of some amazing women who are wildly pursuing their dreams. Every house, every pillow, every account, every client — they all matter at Arrange. 

  • Re-arranging rooms since I was a child, the interior design field chose me. Now I use it to make my dreams happen — like being a dog mom of two & raising baby goats! The interior design degree & ten+ years experience helps! *wink*

       Owner + Designer   

    Christa Rainey

  • Obsessed with house plants and finding hole-in-the wall restaurants, she brings a lively energy to the group that sparks creativity. She's even in a trivia league!

      Project Manager  

    Ali Bolyard

  • As a wonderful mom of two littles with a master's and bachelor's degree under her belt — this girl is so smart and on fire for organizing! List making is her jam & she can sing like an angel!

      Operations Designer  

    Brittany Pierce

  • Expert on all things DIY decor and an incredible retail resume that just puts icing on the cake of her sweet spirit and love for her two little ones! She's a fabulous social media influencer too!


    Deeanna Esparza

  • In love with earth tones and adventure, she enjoys expressing her creativity through her designs, fashion, art & photography. A true homebody at heart!


    Taylor Schriewer

  • A big fan of traveling and spending time with family, this talented piano-playing, photo-taking gal is all about that renovation life. She's always up for a kayaking trip!


    Diana Gula



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