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V I R T U A L   S T A G I N G 

 D E S I G N  S T Y L E S

 D E S I G N  S T Y L E S

Curated by your online interior design team, this list shows options for the top trending home styles. Each style includes transitional elements to create a balanced look that appeals to a large audience for those viewing your listings. Use the design guides to choose the style that fits your listing best.


   F A R M H O U S E   

Photo by Life As A Dad Photography

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Loved for it's balance of old and new elements, the Farmhouse style is known for its simple and muted

palette to showcase contrasting natural elements

such as weathered wood and distressed textures.


   M I D - C E N T U R Y  

Photo by Bright & Early Productions

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Known by rich wood tones and streamlined forms, the Mid-century style includes retro colors, canvas fabrics and a combination of eclectic details - white marble and fluted metallics are typical features.

1115 S Alamo St 3104 San-large-004-9-Liv

  I N D U S T R I A L  

Photo by LUX Agency

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Exposed raw building materials paired with leathers and unique shapes, the Industrial style represents an appreciation for structure and the beauty found within the basics.


  C O N T E M P O R A R Y  

Photo by Curb Exposure

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Sleek and minimal forms create a foundation of the Contemporary style. A combination of classic and trendy elements help provide a transitional feel. All colors are welcome in this style so long as they complement instead of compete, creating balance.

203 Nogalitos Street San-large-005-6-Liv

   G L O B A L  

Photo by LUX Agency

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Exciting color and texture combinations along with various patterns define the Global style. It is very relaxed & stimulates fun energy & creativity.

Meaningful pieces curated from a variety of places give this style an intentional feel.


   U R B A N  

Photo by Engel & Volkers Photographers

D E S I G N  G U I D E

With space efficiency being the main focus, the Urban style is defined by its non-fussy feel with an emphasis on incorporating live plants and simple textures - creating interest & avoiding distraction.

Texas 1120 5A 073BLAfter.jpg

  R U S T I C  

Photo by DR Horton

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Heavy emphasis on western textures such as hide and leather, the rustic style evokes the appreciation of both simplicity and luxury. Landscape art, rich colors & various wood tones are found throughout.

254 S 3rd St-Full-1AfterSHOW.jpg

  G L A M  

Photo by PLUSH Images

D E S I G N  G U I D E

Delicate features and striking forms are what make up the Glam style. Materials that symbolize wealth such as gold & chrome are typical while layering of creams and whites provide a luxurious foundation.

2115 Coach - Family RoomAfter.jpg


Photo by The Carbine Group

A timeless style that mixes contemporary and traditional elements to create a well balanced design, full of texture and contrast.

PH20-Living RoomAfter.jpg

Photo by RePhotos by Steph


D E S I G N  G U I D E

Strong lines and neutral colors  are what characterize Modern design. Highly refined pieces are intentionally placed to create a clean and sleek space, with no fuss

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