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We Go The Extra Mile... Even In The Rain

With so many other [virtual staging] fish 🐟 in the sea... we wanted to show you how our design team uses special effects to bring your listings to [realistic] life. Below you see the final photo of a balcony we did in Washington, DC for Colleen Harkins Carter with Coldwell Banker:

2725 Ontario Road, Washington, DC

Next up, shown in 3 photos, how we could have stopped at what was already above and beyond the typical virtual staging company process... Notice the room divider/grow wall solution for Colleen's request to provide privacy from the neighboring listing. But what we're really wanting to point out is the attention to detail shown by adding that rain effect (compare photo 2 & 3).

Photo 1 -What The Client Sent

Photo 2 -With Virtual Staging

Photo 3 -After Rain Effect

Why It Matters

We strongly believe that there is value in virtual staging and we take your listings seriously. Our goal is to empower your real estate business by providing two things: 1, a less expensive alternative to traditional home staging and 2, a way for you to instantly take your marketing photos to the next level. This way, you can inspire buyers with design, layout, & style without lugging in expensive furniture. But enough of what we think... see what Colleen shared about her first experience with us on this project:

"Arrange Staging made all the difference in our luxury listing.  The results were stunning and the turn-around was fast and professional. Talent, quality, and great pricing. This service is a winner." Colleen Harkins-Carter, Coldwell Banker

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more on this #luxurylisting soon! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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