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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

For anyone curious on what I've loved enough to buy and now share as a suggested purchase along with the 3 questions I'm sure are answered with a YES before I buy an item! I'm also sharing a little secret about Arrange.

I plan to keep adding to this every month or so, because I'll be honest, I invest in something beautiful or functional for my home on a regular basis.

Even as a designer it can be overwhelming at times with all the options for furniture and decor online. Questions may flood your mind like: Is it worth the price? Will it last? Does it look like the picture on the website?

a piece of your mind at rest! CLICK HERE to see what's in my house.

You'll find [eventually] my purchases that are as basic as a kitchen knife or sheet set down to the leather recliner and coffee table that have made the cut for me [and my pretty particular husband].

Probably my biggest piece of advice when it comes to shopping for home decor is to make sure you can answer these 3 questions with a YES:

  1. Will it look intentional in my space? (making sure your selection is cohesive with your current items is super important).

  2. Does it have an inspirational quality for me? (things aren't just 'things' when they mean something to you, pay attention to what an item makes you think of or remember)

  3. Is it functional for me or a family member? (the item you're considering should serve a purpose, even if just to be aesthetic... but make sure you can envision a few places to put it before you buy it).

If you haven't taken my Home Style quiz, I beg of you to do yourself a favor and TAKE THE QUIZ!

Wanna know a secret?

...while I've been busy growing my the virtual staging service for my business... I've also been making space for a limited number of home styling projects! So if you find yourself inspired to revamp a room in your home and would like some help, please send me an email and I'd love to share how you and I can do just that without you ever leaving your pajamas!

You'll basically send me your room info, play with my budget tool to find what works for you when it comes to spending and I'll do the rest! Just mention this blog post and I'll tell you what promotion you can get on this service.

Ready when you are to make that space your new happy place!


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