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3 Home Styles Every Realtor Should Know

Welcome to the world of real estate, where styles are more than just trends; they're the language a property speaks. Today I'll be covering 3 interior home styles every realtor should know, using kitchen renderings to help guide: Transitional, Farmhouse, and Modern. These aren't just labels; they're the heart and soul of a home, so it's important that you are able to speak to each of them as an expert in selling H-O-M-E!


Ever met someone who's both classic and cool at the same time? That's Transitional. It's the friend who effortlessly blends old-school warmth with the sleek vibes of today. For realtors, it's like showing off a property that feels as cozy as grandma's house but with a splash of modern coolness.

Elements to look for: Neutral color palette, mix of wood tones, clean but layered lines.


Picture a cup of cocoa by the fireplace on a chilly evening—that's Farmhouse style. It's all about the warm, rustic embrace that makes a house feel like a home. Realtors who get Farmhouse are like the friend who knows how to make any gathering feel like a family reunion.

Elements to look for: Black and white color palette especially on cabinetry and tilework, Earthy accents like green or blue with rustic and vintage elements that are simple but charming. Fixtures that look usable in a barn (or farm) type setting.


Meet the minimalist with big dreams—Modern style. It's the buddy who believes in "less is more" and makes every space feel like a gallery. Realtors who vibe with Modern style are like the friend who knows how to turn a room into a sleek, chic haven for the next generation.

Elements to look for: Ultra sleek line work and high contrast, smooth textures and almost the feeling that something is missing. Cool tone color palette even if in the neutral family.

Now, why are these styles the cool kids on the block? It's not just because everyone else likes them. Transitional, Farmhouse, and Modern are like the songs everyone hums—they strike a chord with different hearts.

How to relate: Understanding them is like speaking the language of your clients. Transitional is like knowing how to sing both old classics and the latest hits. Farmhouse is the acoustic guitar at a campfire—everyone gathers around. Modern is the playlist for the tech-savvy and trendsetters.

Closing Deals, One Style at a Time - Why It's a Big Deal in Real Estate

So, why does it matter when you're in the business of buying and selling homes? Think of it this way: the style of a home is like its personality. Buyers aren't just looking for a place to stay; they're looking for a place that feels like them.

Homes that rock popular styles stand out in the crowd. They aren't just four walls; they're canvases waiting for a buyer to envision their life. So, when you're selling real estate, it's not just about square footage and numbers; it's about emotions and dreams. That's what you are selling. THAT is why you can't have real estate without design and vice versa!

Become A Home Style Expert!

I've packaged up an amazing interior design cheat sheet with pointers on the elements that tell about each style. It's your backstage pass to understanding home style and turning every property tour into a story worth telling.

Let's make home buying and selling less about transactions and more about finding ways to delight our client by being the expert they need to hire.

Click below, and let's speak the language of style storytelling together!

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