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Transitional Is The New Farmhouse

Let's talk about what Transitional style is, why you need it & how to achieve it. Read on, reader!

Defining Transitional

Keeping in mind design definitions are a moving target - today, the Transitional style is known by it's combination of curated pieces, intentional placement, and balanced color palette and textures.

Farmhouse plays well with this style because it's decor items tend to be stripped down version of things that were once used for making, fixing, or doing before technology did it all for us.

Think of old boat ores - once used for rowing, now used for wall decor. The Farmhouse style is so loved because it evokes sentimental emotions that are perhaps subconsciously taken in - usually reminding us of simpler times.

Nowadays you may notice the Farmhouse style becoming a bit more simplified and streamlined. What you're noticing is: Transitional making it's way to the stage, as it usually does, in order to prevent a space from being too strict in style.

Why You Need It

Having a well-balanced space isn't the only benefit of a Transitional style. You will find yourself saving money as you will have little to no desire to completely redecorate. This is because you don't have extremely trendy items that have a rather short "shelf life" in the design world.

TIP: So next time you're shopping furniture and decor - ask yourself if it passes the 'Transitional Test' below:

1. Is it iconic or playful? Stay away from anything too playful.

2. Does it have clean lines or is it fussy? Fussy usually entails an abundance of detail.

3. Is it similar to the main pieces already in the room? You want to complement, not compete when it comes to making new additions.

Before Arrange

After Arrange

Showing You How

If you're wanting to refresh your space without a total design overhaul, here are some guidelines for you to check off the list or perhaps introduce to your space.

If you skip ahead to our GET THE LOOK you will find the pieces we chose for the transitional look we did in the before & after above.

The Right Rug

Opting for a lighter version of a traditional rug will help you achieve a well-balanced foundation for your room design. In other words, stay away from patterns that are too ornate or geometric.

Coffee Table Curating

Central to the room equals central to the design. A wood coffee table is a great go-to. Be careful to choose a table that is not too bulky to avoid a heavy, drab look. The other think to watch out for is cheap material. You want all the other room elements to be able to play off this piece instead of outshining it.

Sofa Setup

Last but certainly not least, the sofa setup can either make or break a space. The most common mistake when choosing a sofa is "buying in bulk" literally. Heavy leather and large nail-head details are great if you're wanting to stay true to a western vibe but sooner than later you will find yourself craving a simpler look. Lean more towards a light (not necessarily light if you're worried with stains) and linen look - you'd be surprised how easy to clean 'the right fabric' is these days!

Plant Poise

Finish off or liven up a space with a fresh, substantially sized plant. Yes, the upkeep, I know. I am far from a green thumb gal, but I do it anyway. The more you put in, the more you get back. Show your home some love so you will love your home.

Imagine trying to describe this entire blog post to someone interested in buying the empty house pictured above... welcome to #realtorlife ... or rather WHAT IT WAS before Arrange #virtualstaging came along!

Whether you're in real estate or ready to redecorate, you can #getarranged

We've made this Urban Farmhouse look "shoppable" in case you want to add a few Transitional pieces to your home. See the links below:

One more question for you. Have you taken our Style Quiz? You may find you are drawn to a more Transitional style or maybe not. CLICK HERE to find out!

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You'll be surprised how helpful it is to be able to speak to home styles - whether it's work related or while enjoying a good cocktail with friends.

What topic would you like to hear about next? I'm ready and waiting to take on your most challenging design challenges!

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