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Designing Your Home's New Normal

Welcome to this week's episode of Arrange versus Quarantine!

By now, no doubt most of us have had to question our space. The space we work in, the space in which we distance ourselves from others and especially the space where we call home. Is it big enough? Is it bright enough? Is it quiet enough?

Whether we've liked it or not, our world is spending more time at home and perhaps leaving us wondering if our homes are really meeting our needs; ever-changing as they may be.

Rethinking That Formal Dining Room

Maybe that non-open floor plan isn't so bad after all! If you find that your family uses the breakfast area much more than the formal dining room, consider reimagining it into an office or school room to better fit your needs!

Watch the video to see the same space designed as a dining room, school room and office!

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Playtime Over For The Playroom?

If you're not getting good use out of that pool table anymore, it may be time to rethink that loft or flex space into something more functional and collaborative!

Watch the video to see the same space designed as a game room, learning room, and joint office!

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The Design Process

Any successful design in my book starts with a list! So grab a pen and paper to start listing off the challenges (things that are frustrating you) with your space like: "The dining table is staying cluttered" or "Working from the living room sofa is making my neck ache."

Next, make a list of what you feel would solve those issues like: "The dining room needs more storage" or "A desk would give me better posture."

Now write a "design statement" which is basically a few sentences that put into words how the space would be a dream space while solving your problems! Be sure to include the who, what and how many where you can! For example: "This game room will be transformed into a functional school room so I can teach my two children at home. We each have our own desks and an area for collaborating. I am able to store books and school supplies out of sight and use the walls for learning with charts."

Now take measurements of the space you want to reimagine and then make a shopping list of all the things and their details that would solve your problems, like: a chair with wheels, storage bins with easy access, etc.

Before you start shopping, you need to search for inspiration! Head to Pinterest to search for home office ideas, school room ideas and more to really get yourself excited about your transforming your space!

If you're still feeling a little lost, find someone to help with your project! And hey, if you're wanting a professional opinion just email your room photos to us at

Hopefully this has been helpful to inspire you to think outside the box to make your home's new normal more functional and feeling good!

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