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5 Habits Of A Good Host[ess]

One of my go-to's when it comes to creating a memorable experience as a hostess is to appeal to the senses. It makes for an easy checklist when preparing to receive guests. These five habits are good to keep in mind for not only parties, but also for casual gatherings for close friends or family.

When you use the five human senses (see, hear, touch, taste, and smell) as a guide, your visitors will be thinking your sixth sense is hosting!

1. See: Tidy Up

This one may be a bit obvious and certainly depends on the crowd along with the amount of notice you have to prepare. I always start in the room people gather the most, the kitchen. There's nothing worse than cluttered counters and dirty dishes! Once that's all situated, I begin working on the rooms that cannot be closed off in case I run out of time to tidy them up!

A rhyme to remember: Everything in its place, starting with the most used space.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't bite off more than you can chew and be sure to avoid getting carried away, because let's be honest, one minute you're putting away dishes and the next you're reorganizing your pantry! [Blog post for another day, here]

Remember, it's okay (and appreciated by your guests) for your house to look like you actually live in it - keep it real, people.

2. Hear: Background Music

Super simple to do, but something I forget is to have some chill music playing - it's great for several reasons. It can really help you set the tone and even help create fun conversation.

If you don't have a go-to playlist, I'd recommend following someone who has a knack for curating music. Personally I am loving everything Anastasia Casey's doing with her Spotify playlists.

3.Taste: Set Out Refreshments

It can be as simple as a bowl of candy or fresh fruit you have on hand, but a little something to nibble on is such a kind gesture - after all, you never know if your guests haven't taken time to eat that day. If nothing else, be sure to offer your guests something to drink.

If you really want to wow by keeping it classy, simple and delicious, I love a good charcuterie board. Check out my ingredient's guide in one of my newsletters here.

4. Smell: Light A Candle or Diffuse

Am I the only one who deals with home-scent-paranoia? I'm super self-conscious about my house smelling weird to other people - even if the trash was taken out and I haven't accidentally soured a load of laundry that week!

And what makes sense when it comes to choosing scents? I stick with the basics. Anything lavender or vanilla is a go in my book! Something still on my wishlist and also on my Homebody Gift Guide is the Vitruvi Diffuser in White along with their oil blends.

And my favorite candle right now is this Sandalwood & Tobacco and bonus, it comes in a beautiful textured ceramic jar!

5. Feel: Remove The Tension

Last, but certainly not least, take a few minutes to center yourself before your guests arrive. It may sound a little on the hippie side, but trust me, you'll thank yourself later for being intentional about this.

BONUS: Something your guests will never tell you is that they secretly love when you set out fresh flowers (or greenery) and bring out the legit serveware and if you wanna see some of my go-to's head over to this link and Shop My House

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