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Revamp Your Pantry in 5 Easy Steps

One of the most heard comments from guests in my house is "I love your pantry!" and after years later and wrestling with whether or not the internet DOES need another blog about pantry organization... here it is!

I've broken it down to five easy steps and even included a downloadable worksheet.

A few of things you should know if you're considering taking on this project:

- It won't be picture perfect 100% of the time -

- Embrace the change as your pantry evolves -

- Don't expect to have it done in a day -

- Be ready to invest in a guaranteed payoff -

1. Purge + Donate

Grab an empty box or trash bag and start tossing things you won't use (or let's be honest, that have long-since expired on your shelves). Recycle and donate if you are able, you'll thank yourself double later.

2. Make Your Lists

You'll now want to make 2 lists: one for food that you keep on hand and one for the container sizes & types you'll need. Don't worry, on the next page, I have linked allllll the things I used to create mine and it's yours for the taking!

3. Buy Storage Pieces

You may want to order things in sections to budget. I kept collecting my storage pieces until I felt I had all that I needed to knock out the organizing at once! But make this DIY your own. I also linked the sweet label maker I used to give my pantry a retro/vintage feel and I'm obsessed.

4. Create Labels

When using a lot of clear containers, you'd be surprised how simple you can make them. For example, I keep 4 types of flour on hand so instead of fully listing each one, I just put almond, coconut, all-purpose & whole wheat for labels. I also love that some things don't need labels because they are obvious by looking at them in clear containers: like walnuts + bread crumbs.

5. Fill & Put Away!

And now for the fun part! Lay out all your food items and storage pieces. Then, start setting them next to each other until you feel confident everything will fit (but remember, if you don't have enough storage at first you can add more later). When you put it all on shelves, make your most used items easy to reach at eye level!

Click here download this full guide or shop this Pinterest Board for the organizing items I used.

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