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Home Hacks You Should Know About

Well, my friend, you've found yourself amidst a freebie-fest! Yep, I decided to roundup my favorite hacks (that I usually require an email signup for in return) so you can easily download and enjoy this list of helpfulness for your home. They range from revamping your pantry to the best moving checklist ever. If you're a planner, a doer, or neither, I think you will find them quite valuable. And bonus: if you run your own business, share them with your clients to make yourself a reliable resource for your followers!


This first free download will walk you through the ins and outs of recreating my own personal pantry in our renovation house, down to the list of items like containers and the label maker I used to create a very functional. I can't tell you how much more we've enjoyed our kitchen by having our food organized. It's so satisfying to have a clear idea [literally] of when you need to restock things. Side note, if you want even more inspiration, you can check out this blog post to Shop My House where I've linked so many of my finds in furniture and decor.



This life saving list of lists is something I built out during our last move. If you're like most of the population and hate all the hassle that comes with moving, then this guide is for you. If you're realtor, then this guide is really for you and to share with your clients - they will love you for it! It includes things you need to do before, during and after the big day. If you're really curious and want a good laugh at our pain, check out this post about That One Time We Moved.



Probably one of the most fun freebies for me to create is this guide on putting together this fall feast. Complete with a curated menu, grocery list, recipes and customized playlist this playbook is waiting for you to make the most of your time with loved ones by being intentional as the host[ess]. Because having people over can be a little much when it comes to logistics, you'll find the leg work is done for you, making it an all around enjoyable experience. I even included some timeless tablescape ideas for you to add to your serving collection. Bon appétit!



Here I'm giving you 3 quick suggestions on ways to level up your home styling game. I give pointers on the colors, content and quantity of your decor choices. When it comes to design, I totally geek out so you'll even find some science tidbits in this freebie that are sure to stick with you. The more you know, right?


It's not easy to keep up with everything in life and that's why we have each other. I don't think I would have ever started a blog if I wasn't truly passionate about sharing what I've learned as an interior design guru, tested entrepreneur and chronic homebody. For this reason, I sincerely hope that my content educates and inspires or at least entertains you — even better, it does all three.

Always awaiting your thoughts, my friend. I'm just a comment or message away!

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