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What Happened on 117 Sweet Street

The name of the street isn't the only delectable thing about this project - we also shared in some 'Sweet' success as we celebrated this listings outcome with our client, Curtis Bowers with Front Porch Realty.

Our client takes a slightly different approach when using virtual staging. See below:


Instead of showing both the staged and non-staged photos online, Curtis eliminates any views that conflict with the story being told with #virtualstaging.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Decide which rooms are best to show staged.

2. Select the best angle(s) for each room [we are happy to make suggestions].

3. Eliminate the rest of the shots that will show rooms with virtual staging.

Now that you've seen HOW it happened, let me tell you WHAT happened. But first, before & afters:

ON #WEDNESDAY: Virtual staging photos went live [3 hours later] and an #offer was made!

ON #THURSDAY: [the next morning] the offer was #accepted!

ON #FRIDAYWe said TGIF and celebrated!

"Your staging has helped bring me accepted offers on two recent listings within 24 hours of listing them. Your team is easy to work with and turnaround on the projects has been extremely fast and appreciated!"

-Curtis Bowers, Front Porch Realty LLC

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