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Up, Up & Away: Pro's of Pro Photography

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

With such a recent uptick, or up[click] should I say, in online shopping - make no mistake this also applies to the search for home-sweet-home! This project on 226 Camargo Street will make a case for the importance of a listing's first impression defined by a four letter word: p-h-o-t-o.

Okay so it's five letters - it sounded better!

Sky Is The Limit

Much of our process starts with a photo, and for us, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding inspiration. Showcasing the view of San Antonio's iconic Tower of America's, we thought it appropriate to use this hot air balloon photo to drive the color palette for the living room!

SIDE NOTE: Into books? Into food? Or maybe have a taste for both? Walking distance from this home on 226 Camargo is Liberty Bar - a restaurant that was once a bookstore is now an amazing eatery!

Does pro photography make a difference? Perhaps a better question would be...Which photo would make your buyer want to live here?

Photo 1: Smart Phone Photo

Photo 2: Pro Photography by Bright & Early Productions

Photo 3: Pro Photography by Bright & Early Productions + Virtual Staging by Arrange

Design Q&A Challenge:

Q: In photo 1 - How could privacy be provided for the open concept laundry area?

A: A collapsible room divider (photo 2)

Q: In photo 3 - What would make the kitchen ideal for entertaining & allow for more countertop space?

A: A pub table and barstools (photo 2 & 4)

Q: In photo 5 - Could something be done to make the home office feel homey?

A: Adding a love seat did just the thing (photo 6)

Q: In photo 7 - Would the room need to be painted to make it less bland?

A: Rich colors on the wall [art] and floor [rug] got it done (photo 8 & 10)

Q: In photo 9 - What is an alternative to a conventional dresser piece?

A: A zebra wood console table with storage, of course (photo 10)

Q: In photo 11 - Where could extra storage be added in this guest room?

A: Check out that headboard (photo 12)

We hope you feel inspired by the design solutions, feel informed by the foodie resources, and intrigued by the Before & Afters of this charming virtual staging project we did for our client, Curtis Bowers with Front Porch Realty LLC, who does an amazing job marketing his real estate listings!

If you would like pricing on virtual staging, follow this link:

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