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Stop Wondering How To: Decorate

Let's talk about awkward acquaintances, saying goodbye to wandering in the design desert, and say hello to decor that will make your life so interesting.


What is the first question people generally ask when meeting someone new?

"Oh, what do you do for a living?"

My answer: interior design.

She will respond with, "Oh, I need you at my house!" and he will respond with, "Stay away from her!"

I've come to the conclusion that SHE is sick of wondering what goes with what and HE is sick of her spending money on things that don't go together.

However, they can both agree, heck, I think we can all agree on these 3 things:

  • Hiring an Interior Designer is complicated (finding a designer that gets your style).

  • Hourly interior design fees are expensive (consultations usually start at $150+).

  • All the in-person back and forth is so antiquated (scheduling time to walk around stores with your designer you're paying hourly can be so inefficient).


What if design was easy, affordable, & all online?

Welcome to Arrange.



and how it works

We've taken the traditional interior design process and put it into 3 easy steps to make decorating your home simple, efficient & fun. You will love it!

See Below.

Everyone loves a good online quiz! You will be surprised to see the questions we ask. Those that have taken it say it's creepy accurate.

Sample question: If you could have an animal sanctuary what would live there?

We think it's totally unfair to force clients to pull a project budget number out of thin air! So.....

You get to play with our budget tool that gives you the choice to select how you'd like to spend on items in that room.

You can use the sliders to spend moderately, average, or splurge— then voila, you have a custom budget fitting your needs!


What's a room concept board? Think of it as completely custom Pinterest Board made just for you and your space. After you give us room photos and dimensions, your designer starts shopping based on your room style & preferences:


Instead of you charging your card 30 plus times with all the things for your space, we've made it super simple. With our concierge service, you can approve or decline items your designer has picked with the click of a button.

Your items will arrive at your doorstep and your room layout will show you how to setup your design!



online interior design

Whether you have an empty space, cluttered space, or a space that needs finishing touches— we are here to help.

Below is the before & after of my own living room.

Currently, we are wrapping up several client projects as they decide which fabulous pieces they're ready to buy. We can't wait to show you the final photos of their spaces.

In the meantime, here is what one of our clients thinks about her Arrange experience:

"I have tried several other designers in the past and I always struggled because I felt such pressure to buy at a faster pace than I can afford. Sometimes I even felt looked down on when i did not feel like I could afford certain “designer” pieces. Not only does Christa have a beautiful eye for design, I always have felt like she respects our budget and timeline. I love my new home office/guest room we just completed and am so excited to be starting my next project with Arrange!" — Kristin S.

So stop with the awkward acquaintances and say goodbye to wondering how to decorate. It's literally why we started this business.


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and sure to make your life [even] more interesting


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