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Our Virtual Staging Process

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

New client or just want to know our secret sauce at Arrange? Keep reading!

I thought it was about time I spilled the beans on my virtual staging process! As an entrepreneur, it's easy to think that secrets equal success, but I choose to focus on sharing instead the: who, what, where and why of what I do - in case it helps someone in their journey!

I would certainly have zero success if it weren't for others sharing their do's and don'ts!

So here's my first pass at putting my design process into words. I'm hoping you feel the urge to let me know your thoughts, because, I'm always one piece of advice away from perfecting components of our company!

Keep an eye out for links along the way that tell what platforms I use!


To place a virtual staging order, head to our website at where you will get a series of prompts our team put together to gather information we need about our client, their project and also collect payment! If our client ever feels they have a custom project, we love chatting over the phone if it's easier to just give us a call!

Website Platform: Wix

Checkout Platform: Typeform


In order to strike a balance of giving you options without overwhelming you with design choices, we landed somewhere in the middle and decided to list off the top home styles used to give a starting point while also showing an array of staging items in our digital warehouse! Once you choose the best fit for your project, don't worry, you can let us know if we should use exact items shown or just design with that overall feel in mind! Our interior design team has you covered either way!


It's no secret that the majority of our clients needed their project yesterday so we give the option to choose Same Day Delivery that comes with a rush fee, 24-48 Hours which is most popular and also 3 Business Days in case there isn't a time crunch!


We have an in-house editing team that can digitally remove existing furniture (I know, magic right?!) so we will need to know if this additional service is needed. If there is furniture needing to removed in the photos we will follow up to ensure we're on the same page before getting started!

Watch the video to see this space transformed with furniture removal and virtual staging!

Photo Editing Software: Photoshop


At this point you'll have the chance to select how many photos we'll be staging for you, upload them and describe how you want each photo staged. For example, you can write: "It's a dining room to be staged as a dining room" or "It's a dining room to be staged as a home office." The more context the better for your design team, but save any design details the notes section that will follow! And don't worry, if you don't have photos taken yet, you can just click through this portion of checkout and email them to us later at (Be sure to include the property address so we don't mix up any details).


Although virtual staging is, well, virtual... you should really consider making it tangible! And while you're at it, get your name and branding out there! We have 22x28 inch boards you can set up in your listing to showcase the home's features and also give viewers a vision of how the space could come together with a designer's touch.

We also provide 5x7 flyer options in case you want to send viewers with something to remind them of your amazing listing. You never know if that card will be just the thing they need to convince them that your listing is home for them!


You won't find any surprises when it comes time to pay because we list out pricing as you make selections throughout the process. Just enter your card number to get the magic ball rolling.


You'll receive an emailed order confirmation listing out your project details and so will our Project Manager! Your part is all done for now and it's time for our team to get to work!


It's a rare occasion, I'll be honest, due to our team's impeccable attention to detail and passion for what they do, but in the instance that our client's needs a change to their virtual staging project, we offer two rounds of revisions for FREE so we can get that listing goldilocks "just right" for you. Still need more tweaks, we are happy to keep making them on a custom-fee basis depending on the details requested!

If nothing else, I'm hoping this helps answer some of our FAQ's!

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