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Kanga & Roo: Pets In The Workplace

Our virtual staging business would not be the same without the energy and love from Christa's #furbabies.

In this blog post we’ll tell you a little bit about them and what they bring to our office at #ArrangeHQ!

Kanga - 'Paw'fessional Greeter

She is a #vizsla pup that is full of contagious energy and loves to give everyone a bouncy greeting each morning! She inspires us to design each #virtualstaging project with enthusiasm for our #realestate clients! Kanga is eager to please and always on go!

"My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am."

- Author Unknown

Roo - Always 'Barking' Orders

This #papillon gal is big into beauty sleep but is always up to give a critique! She reminds us that a good #worklifebalance is key! Since her breed is French (Papillon means Butterfly in French), we give her an accent so if you can imagine... these are words she lives by: "Zis-uh-ranj-ment-is-all-wrohg!" (Translation = "This arrangement is all wrong!") She keeps us laughing with her prissy personality!

Comment below what kind of #pet you have and why you love them! Even better? Show us a pic of your fur baby - we're dying to see!

Blog ideas and feedback are welcome! Your input can very well be the next blog post!

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