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Hardwood, Soft-Linen: Mastering Bedroom Design One Stitch At A Time

We'll talk linen layers, bedding blues, and how the neutral elements don't have to be boring! This post will highlight some fundamental design tips to make your bedroom dreamy! It's no secret that so many of us struggle with sleep - whether falling asleep or staying asleep, invest in good design to ensure you have one less thing to worry about!

The Basics of Balance

Symmetry is a great starting point for bedrooms and furniture retailers make it easy by selling nightstands in pairs. Another element to go matchy-matchy with, is lamps. We love clear lamps! Adding a set of wall mirrors behind each nightstand is a sure way to give your bedroom some height! Don't have a footboard? Place a bench or two matching ottomans at the end of the bed for extra seating and to really help "ground the design."

Rules of Rugs: Area vs. Accent

There are a few options and tips when it comes to deciding on rug sizes for your sleeping space. If you have the budget, go all out with an area rug that will allow you to naturally walk on the rug all the way around your bed. A good rule of thumb is a 2-3 foot overhang from the edges of your bed frame. If you want to save but still have that plush feeling beneath your feet, accent rugs are a great option for you! Get two matching (maybe 2x3) rugs for each side of the bed (symmetry coming into play again here) and a coordinating runner rug or the same rug in a slightly large size for the foot of the bed! Look for rugs with fringe to add an extra punch of interest!


Just like your wardrobe, your bedding set needs to have options - both for function and appeal

Boxspring Cover

Keep it simple here! Although it's nice to have a thick and durable quilted cover for your boxspring, you can save a few dollars by simply covering with the fitted sheet next time you upgrade!


How to choose the right linens? Let's take your temperature! 100% cotton sheets breathe easier and are great for those who get too hot at night. Flannel sheets are a great option for those who find it chilly! Whether you go with bamboo sheets, silk, or percale do your research!

We recommend light colors and simple patterns, if any to keep things easy. Quick Tip: The higher the thread-count the softer the sheet!

The Quilt

Basic is best here! Opt for a material with some 'give' especially if you share a bed. The cover hog and the cover hog victim will both benefit!

Duvet + Pillows

You can choose the weight of the insert. If you're after a magazine look when the bed is made go for the heavier. If you like a more simple look, maybe try pinstripes if you're not a fan of florals.

Texture is your best friend when it comes to bedding and when you can combine texture with pattern it's a win-win! Look for quilts with simple cross-stitch patterns to add depth. Here's one line-up option for pillow order starting from headboard going forward: 1, sheet set pillows, 2 pillows matching your duvet, 3 medium throw pillow, 4 small throw pillow and throw blanket... and you're done!

Quick Tip: Just like a workout routine, design has no rules, but certainly a form that is recommended - so either way, make it your own!

Soft | Warm | Fresh

Let's Talk Color

Think soft, think warm, think fresh when selecting decor for your bedroom. Build your room's foundation with neutral furniture and then add color with accessories like pillows and art that can easily be changed when you need to refresh. We love the warmth of wood tones - especially a light pine to keep it feeling airy! Acacia wood tones are not only trending but another soothing option design-wise.

It's hard to go wrong with muted blues, purples or greens - it's what we reach for because they are calming yet interesting and so versatile.

Fun Fact: Any color lighter than the primary on the color wheel is called a "tint" of that color and anything darker than the primary is called a "shade" of that color. (Example: baby blue is a tint of blue and navy blue is a shade of blue)

Space [Plant]ing

Want a guaranteed way to freshen up your bedroom? Add a live plant! Lavender promotes sleep and can double as a decor piece. Needing something low-maintenance? Select a sizable succulent to provide a structurally interesting element to your space! Don't know what to do with that one corner? Consider a floor plant or an open shelf concept for books and decor!

Which bedroom topic would you want to read about next?

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