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Floor Plant Fun: The Fiddle-Leaf-Fig

Ever looked at a room and thought... "something is missing?" We're going to share a few designer secrets and tell which #plants are đŸ”„ hot đŸ”„ right now!

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With its large & in charge leaves, the #fiddleleaffig is a designer go-to when needing to liven up a space!

It also adds visual structure since it's essentially a small tree!

Don't want the upkeep?

If you opt for a faux plant, look for those without an obvious fake feel - so reach for a soft, warm texture with imperfections that mimic the idea of no two plants being alike!

Just between us... here are some [soil]utions and what you can expect each plant type to accomplish:

Topiaries - these are often times sphere-shaped & great for adding a touch of elegance to a space! Often times, we choose between a #floorlamp or #floorplant if the room is calling for a height element.

Cacti & Succulents - if you're needing a lighter, more #eclectic look - reach for this plant family. They are known to be low maintenance and pretty sturdy!

Florals - the right flower arrangement can double as a way to soften a space and also add color. One of our go-to's are #orchids since they are so delicate and eye-catching!

Pottery - we tend to use mostly neutral plant pots so the attention is on what is growing! A popular trend right now is a pot-stand duo that really contributes to a #midcenturymodern style. (Shown in far left of photo above) Grey stone and concrete are also a safe choice - look for textures to make things interesting!

Hope you enjoyed! Please comment your favorite indoor or outdoor plants - we are open to any #blog feedback to help 'grow' our community!

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