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7 Tips to Update Your Bathroom

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

It can be a bit of a mystery when it comes to ways to refresh your bathroom design, so here's a list to get you started if you're hitting an inspiration road block. Most of these ideas can be achieved without breaking the bank, but the important thing is to know that both big and small changes can make a great impact to your space. I gathered up seven of our renderings of white bathrooms we've done for clients to give you a look book of ideas, while pointing out what element makes each on interesting. First pro tip: don't forget the greenery!

Brass Accents

First up, you need to assess your accents! I'm talking fixtures and hardware like lighting and drawer pulls. Brass is both a classic and trendy way to give your space a new look. When it comes to knobs and pulls, reach for a minimal look (nothing too bulky), especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side or has a lot of places to put hardware. This way you don't overwhelm the space. Same goes for changing your light fixtures to brass - keep it streamlined.

Design by: Bluebonnet Homes | Broskay Residence + Rendering by: Arrange

Natural Light

Incorporating this feature can be a bit more tricky if you're doing a renovation, but if you have the opportunity, bringing in natural light where you can will make all the difference! It allows your space to breathe and can even provide a scenery outlet depending on location. Allowing sunlight in will also help you avoid unwanted bacteria by drying out any trapped moisture caused by the shower or bath steam.

Design by: CRM-CM Construction Management | Gillard Residence + Rendering by: Arrange


It is so important to consider the materials in your bathroom. Not only for function (like slip-resistant tile), but also for visual purposes. You can bring this in with different wall treatments like a cool wallpaper or shiplap as shown below. Think of all the textures possible and try to incorporate at least three of them to create balance. For example, a smooth countertop and rough wall tile.

Design by: Brady Colt Custom Homes | Johansen + Rendering by: Arrange


If you really want to make a splash in your bathroom design, bring in movement with a marble-look tile or even slab of quartzite. Just keep in mind it's generally a good idea to keep it light and simple in order to keep your bathroom looking timeless. Going with a neutral choice overall is a good plan, again, to keep your bathroom from looking dated in just a few years.

Design by: Patten Custom Homes + Rendering by: Arrange


Bringing in pattern doesn't always have to be dramatic, but don't get me wrong a bold print can be just the thing you need. The key here is to not overdo it. Patterns can easily become competitive so try to keep it at a max of two bold patterns and keep the others pretty basic and linear.

Design by: Spruce Homes | Johansen + Rendering by: Arrange

Large Framed Mirror

Never underestimate the power of a large-and-in-charge mirror. Especially because mirrors are a great way to to make a space feel bigger and even bring in some extra natural light with their reflecting powers! I probably sound like a broken record, but again, keep it simple here too. A streamline bronze, black or brass frame will do the trick. If you want to bring in a different shape, oval or round are a fun added touch!

Design by: House Plan Zone | Nicole English + Rendering by: Arrange


Especially when sticking with a neutral palette, it's important to strike a balance of contrast. It can create a grounded feel for your space. By alternating light and dark colors you can do just that! As you can see below, the dark flooring against the light walls and cabinetry create interest - allowing your eyes to easily flow back and forth throughout the room. Also, notice how the window, mirror and hardware create the same intriguing effect.

Design by: House Plan Zone | Nicole English + Rendering by: Arrange

Something you may not know is that we offer a service that allows you to avoid all the decision making when it comes to colors and materials for your project. We do all this based on your Style Quiz results and a shared Pinterest board. It's a total blast! We even do this for furnishings - you can check out some of our Get The Look boards here if you like.

Below is an example project we did for a family building their dream home in New Braunfels, TX! It's so fun to watch it all come to life and they are loving not having to make a million additional decisions!

Send me a message and we can get your project started!

And if you're not staying up to date with all things Arrange... here's your way in!

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