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The #1 Question We Get Asked

We get asked this all the time. We've saved the best for last in this blog post - you're going to want to feast your eyes on the Mid-Century Modern Living Room we designed.

Can people buy the furniture in the staged photos?

And up until now, we've had to answer with: we are working on that.

We do business with real estate agents all over the US—from California all the way to New York. We've learned that our best clients' biggest priority is taking care of their clients during the home buying process. So we've finally answered our no. 1 question asked by launching a way for realtors to further delight their clients—allowing anyone to GET the look they fell in love with (when they bought the home).


How do we know the demand is there? We just got a call from a client recently saying the buyer of the listing we virtually staged actually went out and bought similar furniture because they loved the concept that much!


Before Virtual Staging

After Virtual Staging

Instead of the story ending after the family purchases the home and left to wonder how to decorate as it was displayed online... we have not one, but two options:

1. The realtor can ask us to GET THE LOOK for their client (we will create what you see below with a shopping list of links to purchase the design concept.

2. The realtor can give an Arrange Interior Design giftcard as a closing gift for a personalized home design for their client.

They, you, anyone can GET THE LOOK delivered right to their home's doorstep. Follow the links below to shop this room design we did for our client, Curtis B.


Wouldn't you think home buyers would rather receive a closing gift of design than a cutting board with a realtors logo stamped on it?

We do.

We also think you will be your home buyers favorite person ever if you do.

If you're not on our email list and you want to receive exclusive promotions for virtual staging or interior design services, just CLICK HERE sign up.

If you're a real estate agent and have questions about our service send us a message to

Mad props to our friends at Bright & Early productions for photographing this lovely space!

Have you seen our ever-so-freshly-published website? Check it out:

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