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It's Lunchtime, I Mean LAUNCH TIME!

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Well, you guys... it's almost here! We've been gearing up for the last year or so to launch our design dreams & in less than 48 hours you will see it in the form of a chic new website— showcasing our new services, new team members & even some new free stuff for guess who? Y-O-U!


Once we launch, here's something you should know:

old website: www.arrangestaging.com

new website: www.arrange.studio

old email: team@arrangestaging.com

new email: team@arrange.studio

old handle: @arrangestaging

new handle: @arrange.studio

What if design was easy, affordable, & all online?

Welcome to Arrange.


Virtual Staging - Stage faster, sell faster.

This service is where Arrange began and we will be revealing a brand new checkout process for our real estate clients— I love how this service instantly elevates the appeal of a listing— helping potential buyers see not just a house, but a home. Watch for our GET THE LOOK posts with links to purchase products in our virtual staging before & afters!

Interior Design - Home styling made personal.

Everyone has a space (or spaces) that could use a designer's touch— we're about to give you access to our insanely affordable room design packages to help you overcome any and all decorating woes. Whether it's a room refresh or a full on makeover, you'll love how easy, fun & satisfying we make interior design for your home!

Finish Selections - Say goodbye to guesswork.

Scared they may clash? Scared they may be too trendy? Are they overwhelming? Are they underwhelming? I'm talking about design materials! Flooring, granite, backsplash, lighting— oh my! Instead of letting all these questions get the better of you— just get arranged! We'll be launching options for finish packages for your remodel (or new build) projects— whether you go completely custom or a plug-and-play route, you can say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to choosing design materials!

Doing what we love & loving what we do for you. See for yourself!

Coming next? We'll talk about the latest addition to our girl-boss team & what freebies you can expect to see during the launch.

Thanks for stopping by & if you haven't taken our style quiz... stop missing out and CLICK HERE to get started!



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